Campaign - 33 Til Infinity - Michael Cullen

Our goal is simple, to honour the life and memory of our friend and brother Michael "Cull" Cullen, who tragically took his own life at 33 years old in January 2018.

We want to support suicide prevention and intervention charities, by raising £1,000 for every year of Michael’s life. In particular, our friends at TAMHI, Inspire and last but not least, The Community Rescue Service who were instrumental in Michael’s search.

Your donations mean we can continue funding suicide prevention and intervention charities as well as mental wellbeing charities. Please make a donation today by visiting our Just Giving page.

Together, we can beat suicide.

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We’re raising funds to support the following charities, all linked to mental health wellbeing as well as suicide prevention and intervention.

Community Rescue Service - 33 Til Infinity - Supporting Charities

Community Rescue Service

The CRS is a charitable search and rescue organisation operated by volunteers from communities across Northern Ireland. They provide all aspects of search and rescue falling under the remit of Lowland Rescue including ground, inland water, bike, boat and more.

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Inspire is a charity and social enterprise and their aim is wellbeing for all. They deliver mental health, learning/intellectual disability, autism, addiction and workplace wellbeing services across the island of Ireland.

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Inspire - 33 Til Infinity - Supporting Charities
TAMHI - 33 Til Infinity - Supporting Charities


TAMHI is a mental health awareness charity established in 2011. TAMHI stands for Tackling Awareness of Mental Health Issues and the charity was created to work with sports groups willing to use the power of sport to promote Positive Mental Fitness.

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